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Lead acid battery 12v 40a

Lead acid battery 12v 40a

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Introducing our reliable Lead Acid Battery 12V 40A, the perfect power solution for various applications. With approximate dimensions of 8 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches, this battery offers a compact and efficient energy source for your devices and equipment.


  • Battery Type: Lead Acid
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Capacity: 40A
  • Approximate Dimensions: 8 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches
  • Weight: Lightweight and portable for easy handling
  • Terminals: Secure and easy-to-use terminals for quick connections


  • Reliable Performance: Our Lead Acid Battery provides consistent and reliable power output, making it ideal for use in a wide range of applications.
  • Versatile Use: Perfect for use in cars, motorcycles, boats, electric vehicles, solar charge systems, and more.
  • Long-lasting: With a capacity of 40A, this battery ensures extended use before requiring a recharge.
  • Compact Design: The approximate dimensions of 8 inches x 5 inches x 6 inches make it a space-saving and efficient power source.
  • Durable Construction: Built to withstand various environmental conditions, this battery offers reliable performance over time.

Power up your devices and equipment with confidence using our Lead Acid Battery 12V 40A. Its compact design, durable construction, and versatile use make it the ideal choice for all your power needs. Whether it's for your vehicle or an alternative energy system, this battery will keep you running smoothly.

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